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Exploration - Maury McKinney, International Mountain Climbing School (in NH)
Updated: August 24, 2005
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Go to A Summer Camp to Help Pick a Career
A Summer Camp to Help Pick a Career
Kids in St. Louis, Missouri have an opportunity to see medicine in action through a summer program called Adventures in HealthCare.
Go to Artificial Anatomy - Body Parts
Artificial Anatomy - Body Parts
How well do you know your anatomy? Play this game to find out. When you see a mystery image on the left side of your screen, identify it. Use the mouse to put it in the proper place.
Go to Bacteria in the Cafeteria
Bacteria in the Cafeteria
Play this game to find out about bacteria that help and harm us. You'll need Shockwave for this game.
Go to Cosmetics Quiz
Cosmetics Quiz
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a special division that deals with cosmetics called the Office of Cosmetics and Colors. They've prepared this quiz so you can test what you know about mak...
Go to Day in the Life of a Veterinarian
Day in the Life of a Veterinarian
Follow several different vets: Dr. Coretta Paterson who works at outpatient clinic in Athens, Georgia; ER vet Andy Sokol, Zoo vet Steven Marks and wildlife veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay.
Go to Dr. Paula Johnson
Dr. Paula Johnson
Dr. Paula Johnson is a women's health specialist and a pioneer in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. She conceived of and developed one of the first facilities in the country to f...
Go to Edheads
For Teachers - Let your students experiment with science, physics or medicine. This site provides resources for students to predict weather, do knee surgery and play with simple machines.
Go to Edheads - Virtual Knee Surgery
Edheads - Virtual Knee Surgery
Did you ever wonder what it might be like to be a doctor? Give knee surgery a try with the Virtual Knee Surgery simulation!
Go to From Skates to Scalpel
From Skates to Scalpel
Dr Eric Heiden won 5 Olympic Gold medals before he became a sports doctor.
Go to Hispanic Men in Nursing
Hispanic Men in Nursing
Considering his job, Kevin's last name doesn't make sense. Kevin got into nursing because he wants to help, not harm, people. Kevin didn't know what he wanted to do right away; he had another career b...
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